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Dearest Everyone,

We’ve been touring The Beautiful Wild since September. Through Canada, USA, a little in Australia and Japan.
And now I am home, trying to grow tiny vegetables. and making a plan to come back and play more shows.
I have never enjoyed performing so much, or felt so connected. On behalf of myself and the wonderful band, we thank you so much for coming to the shows. People are always asking me how I can be in such an industry as this, but I guess they don’t know that while it has it’s challenges, it is also the most rewarding, magical and important thing I could be doing with my time. I would like to think of music a service I am providing (Sarah Harmer has a t-shirt that says this). I love to sing, and create, and I think of you when that’s happening, and my greatest joy is to bring you together to feel something from the audience, or at home in with record player, or in your car as you look out the window and let music take you and your heart to wherever you are going. I feel so lucky to be a part of that and to be there with you.

I know there are no shows listed here yet, there will be soon.

there is also news coming of a very special side project. I can’t wait to tell you more about what i’ve been secretly doing with my winter while I wasn’t on the road. But it involves a few guys (legends) from Halifax. Charles Austin and Graeme Campbell.

there’s more to say, but for now, i wish you a peaceful and fruitful spring.